In 1983, the Ferrero “Opera Sociale” was set up. It began as a small facility to accommodate retired Ferrero employees and instil in them a sense of their continued belonging to the Company.

It gradually grew in parallel with the Group and became the Ferrero Foundation in 1991 ( The Ferrero family’s deep sense of social responsibility inspired the non-profit Foundation which bears the names of the Company’s founders.

Presided over by Mrs Maria Franca Ferrero, the Foundation’s motto is: “WORK, CREATE AND DONATE”. This maxim, in memory of Pietro Ferrero, encapsulates the essence of the principles on which the Company was founded: respect for work, the celebration of creativity and new ideas, and a philanthropic and humanitarian mission. The scope and horizons of the Ferrero Foundation have broadened to transform it into a social, educational and cultural centre extending its activities throughout Italy and other European countries (mainly to Germany and France).