The Ferrero Group today

Today the Ferrero Group - led by Giovanni Ferrero, Michele and Maria Franca’s son, Chief Executive Officer of Ferrero International - with a consolidated turnover of over 10 billion euros, is one of the market leaders in the confectionery sector and the third largest group in the international chocolate confectionery market.

Within this sector, it is a leader in Italy, Germany and France whilst it sustains well-established positions in all European markets as well as in a significant number of world markets. Ferrero is leader in chocolate confectionery in 8 countries: Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan.The Group has 22 production plants worldwide - 3 of which belong to the Michele Ferrero Entrepreneurial Project.
Moreover, in 2015 the Group created the Ferrero Hazelnut Company (HCo), with 6 farms and 8 production plants.

On 31 August 2015, over 40,700 people in 53 countries worldwide worked for Ferrero. Its products are sold in over 160 countries.

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