The mission

The Michele Ferrero Entrepreneurial Project not only aims to create new jobs, but also support social initiatives that safeguard the health, education and social development of children and young people.This second objective is achieved through:

1) Each company engaged in the Entrepreneurial Project setting up an “ad hoc social fund”, calculated not as a percentage of profit, but based on the value of the volumes produced each year by its plant.
This sum is then transferred to a special account in a local bank and used on a three-year basis to fund specific social initiatives. With this funding mechanism, the Ferrero companies that participate in the Project are therefore committed to funding the social initiatives, regardless of whether they make a profit or not.

2) The identification - together with the institutional authorities in the host countries - of social initiatives that involve the local communities where the Ferrero companies engaged in the Project operate.

3) The involvement of the Ferrero Foundation in the identification, implementation and monitoring of the social initiatives. This is to capitalise on the experience and technical know-how that the Foundation has acquired over decades of social and humanitarian work carried out especially in Italy and Europe, through educational activities that provide care and support during early childhood.